Dear Parishioners,

Once again, as a manner of transparency and high communications, I would simply like to give you an update to our new church building project.  Here’s a brief history.

 After determining needs and wants over the course of several years, myself along with the Core Building Committee along with the Administrative Council called upon S & B James of White City to draw several plans for a new church which included site plans. The idea of simply remodeling the current building was reflected upon, but continually introduced more problems than it solved.  So, a new building has always been our focus. We did a feasibility study in view of the plan we felt was the best solution to answer almost all concerns brought forward. But, it soon became clear that our dreams when compared to our fundraising potential didn’t match.  So, we concluded that, knowing our potential for fundraising, we would then have S & B James draw up a new plan that would come within our financial reach.  Such a drawing would cut out some of the items we dreamed about, but would focus on the one main goal of this whole project: a better liturgical space worthy of the Sacred Liturgy which had all the pews in one direction. 

Thus, a very rough drawing of a basic rectangular building meeting our basic needs has been draw.  As a rough draft we will soon be reflecting more deeply on this drawing before we bring it before the parish community.  

The Archdiocesan Building Commission will need to weigh in and give approval of our plan and fundraising efforts. Assuming all goes well with the process of finalizing a suitable drawing, we will then seek out a professional company to help with a capital campaign which would likely happen in the Fall.  Assuming that goes well, we would then seek out bids from construction companies, choose the one construction company that fit our criterion, and ground breaking could occur late Winter or early Spring.  During the building phase of this project, we expect to hold Mass in our Parish Center. It will be tight, but we can fit. Personally, I am very curious to see how that experience bonds us together more as a community. 

Again, this is the latest information regarding the building project.  I have no intention of rushing any of this so all suggested drawings and time frames are subject to change.  I have not called together our Core Building Committee for review of the new rough drawing, but will do so when S & B James is ready to discuss the ideas together.  

So, I ask that you all continue to keep this project in your prayers.  We want to do this right and with prudence.  Some people are antsy to get this going while others are very cautious.  I understand both of those points of view, as I have held both, jugging them in my mind many times.  I pray that this project, however it goes, will be a grace-filled time where we grow together as a parish in our journey towards our Lord.


Fr. William Holtzinger