Dear Parishioners,

This last weekend, our country celebrated Memorial Day. The weekend was full of all kinds of activities here in Grants Pass due to Boatnik. This was a wonderful time for people from all over to gather together for a common purpose. Memorializing our fallen veterans is near and dear to all of our hearts.

Our float during the 2016 Boatnik Parade

Our float during the 2016 Boatnik Parade

Part of the festivities included the Boatnik Parade. Our school, once again, participated with our children, parents, teachers, and fans of the school. I think it is very safe to say that we had a great time. The float won first place overall! A big thank you needs to go out to Tiffany & Allen Fuller, along with Nikki & Garry Huffman who spent most of Friday afternoon into the night putting the float together. Even Fr. Karl was there to lend a hand. Many other people spent countless hours painting and creating the elements that would be later assembled on the float. During the parade itself, there was clearly a wonderful outpouring of joy and support by the people of Grants Pass.

This is one of our most visible opportunities to share the Good News. Our school continues to educate and form our children to be faithful Christians and great assets to our society. We should all be proud of what we are doing for our church and community through our school. Please share this good news!

This coming year, the school will be adding a 3-year old preschool and offering grades up through 5th grade. We will be dropping 6th grade and focusing on being the best elementary school we can be. St. Anne Catholic School is something we all need to promote by getting the word out to those who are discerning where to take their children for the coming school year. We have so much to offer our young people that they need. I am a fan of all that goes on there. And with the continued leadership of our principal, Colleen Kotrba, and the wonderful teaching staff, we have a bright year ahead of us. May God continue to bless our parish and school. May we be beacons of light to all who come our way. May we be the welcoming people we are called to be, sharing Christ’s loving mission.


Fr. William Holtzinger